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What is it?

Image manipulation is many things and can be carried out at many different levels. The images in this section show everything from minor removal of skin marks and colour correction through to fantasy composite scenes or the adding of cars or a spitfire onto a shot that was taken in the studio.

How is it relevant to you?

Helping mother nature turn back the clock a little

The level of editing and correction of images can be guided by you. we can remove small spots, scars and unwanted tattoos through to giving digital lifts and tucks and beyond. Together we can bring out your best especially in Glitz and Glamour shoots.

Look through the images and if you get a creative idea let me know and we can discuss it.

Theme your shoot.

This is an area that I am very keen on developing and have had a lot of interest shown. See the 40s shot with the spitfire added. If you have a quirky look or idea you are the person that I am looking for. Be brave, be bold, be creative.